Light, color, and subject matter captivate me, and in that order. I love to travel, to see wildlife in their natural habitat, to go places most people will never go. Whether it’s a road trip to explore the local deserts or mountains, or an expedition across the Drake Passage, I am ready to go. I am an adventurer.

My photography is the result of a very creative spirit within me. As a mechanical design engineer my projects always started with a blank piece of paper, a clean slate. Each opportunity to create a new design resulted in the supreme satisfaction of watching the mechanism come to life. Photography generates the same enthusiasm for me. Whether it’s capturing a desert sunrise or a meteor streaking through the Milky Way in the middle of the night, I get excited at the prospect of capturing the event.

Some people have a hard time believing that the discipline of engineering and the artistry of photography can coexist in the same person. I disagree. While I admit that the symmetry of mechanical design has occasionally clashed with my photographic compositions, technical engineering skills have given me a total command of the camera.

And finally, I have spent time in the company of some great photographers who were willing to share their knowledge with me. I do the same for others. Some of you who read this are people who stopped to talk on the side of the road as I was shooting and asked for a business card. I enjoy meeting new people and talking the language of photography.